GHL is a cross-sector partnership of leading humanitarian organisations working together to tackle common challenges, envisions more efficient, effective and sustainable humanitarian action as a result of forward-thinking, locally-driven, and globally integrated ecosystem in which innovation can flourish.

We bring together affected populations, humanitarians, and the public and private sectors with the shared goal of scaling effective, efficient and ethical solutions to common humanitarian challenges, such as improving the efficiency of humanitarian response, empowering local actors and affected populations to innovate and launch their own solutions, and restore dignity to survivors of humanitarian crises.

We’re currently focused on enabling bottom-up innovation, finding ways to accelerate the development and launch of promising ideas and solutions, and facilitating a process to forecast and chart the the coming challenges faced by the humanitarian sector.

Annual report

We had a very busy first year. See our annual report for all the facts and figures.


The Global Humanitarian Lab is administratively hosted as a partnership programme within the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)


Governing Board

Peter Maurer. President ICRC, Chairperson GHL governing board.

The Governing Board is composed of representatives from each of the founding governments and humanitarian organisations.

The Board Chair is Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Steering Committee

The GHL Steering Committee is constituted of the heads of innovation units of the founding humanitarian organisations.   Together, the Steering Committee members identify innovation challenges, share information, set the agenda of the GHL and collaborate on joint projects.



Stassi Anastassov

Stassi Anastassov

Business Advisor

Former President/CEO of Global Duracell, The Procter & Gamble Company.

Stassi Anastassov is a Senior Advisor at CDH Investments, one of the largest alternative asset management institutions focused on China, and TSR Limited.

Mr Anastassov also serves on the board of the Better Shelter company – A company linked to the IKEA foundation having as a mission to provide refugees with dignified housing solutions.

Previously, Mr. Anastassov spent 30 years at The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G), holding various roles throughout Europe, the United States and the Middle East and Africa. Most recently Mr. Anastassov was the Global President and CEO of Duracell (a division of P&G), where he led a major turnaround of the brand ahead of its eventual sale to Berkshire Hathaway.

Mr. Anastassov has previously also served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Nanping Nanfu Battery Co. the largest Chinese Alkaline Battery manufacturer and the Duracell PowerMat joint venture.

Mr. Anastassov is a graduate of Uppsala University, Sweden.

Patrick P Meier, PhD

Patrick P Meier, PhD

Technology Advisor

10+years experience in developing and applying innovative technologies to scale humanitarian efforts.

Co-Founder and Executive Director of WeRobotics, which accelerates local use of robotics for social impact.

Founder of Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators), enabling effective uses of aerial robotics in disasters.

Founder and Director of unique Social Innovation Program at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI).

Consultant for Facebook, Planet Labs, United Nations, World Bank, Red Cross, OSCE, OECD and others.

TEDx Talk on Humanitarian Robotics: Applications for Intelligent, Autonomous Systems for Social Good.

PhD from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy with Pre-Doctoral Fellowship from Stanford University.

Excellent public speaker with numerous keynote addresses and conference presentations worldwide.

Accomplished author with several dozen peer reviewed publications in journals & chapters in edited books.

Fellow at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Rockefeller Foundation, PopTech and UNICEF Innovations.

Judge for major international competitions including UAE’s Drone for Goods and Airbus Cargo Drones.

Interviewed by leading media including New York Times, BBC, CNN, The Economist, Wired, Forbes, etc.

Book Author: “Digital Humanitarians: How Big Data is Changing the Face of Humanitarian Action”.

The Team

We’re a team of experts in humanitarian innovation, strategy, design, & technology.

Olivier Delarue

Olivier Delarue

Co-Founder, CEO

Olivier has 24 years experience with UNHCR & WFP. Founded UNHCR/IKEA Foundation & Better Shelter partnerships, cofounded UNHCR Innovation & UN Innovation Network. Passionate disruptor & innovator for dignity and impact.

David Ott

David Ott

Co-Founder, Bottom-up Innovation

As a digital professional, David has 20 years experience of leveraging disruptive technologies for human interaction and empowerment working in academia, WHO and ICRC.

Tina Beattie

Tina Beattie

Impact Investment & Operations

Tina has had a 30 year Financial Services career, starting as an investment banking analyst and culminating as Global Head of Research, running 1,200 analysts in over 40 global locations.

Daniel Dobos

Daniel Dobos

Foresight & Futures

Daniel is a particle physicist and has worked for 15 years at CERN before concentrating how to use innovation & technology developed for fundamental research for humanitarian purposes. He is a co-funder of THE Port humanitarian hackathons at CERN and was the program coordinator of the Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day (G3iD). 

Elisabeth Pfund

Elisabeth Pfund

Partnership Manager

With a combined experience across both not-for-profit and private sectors, Elisabeth secured strategic partnerships and mobilised resources in key European markets.

Adriana De Oro Osorio

Adriana De Oro Osorio

Innovation Research Analyst

With a Masters in Innovation Management and International Development, Adriana transitioned from the Innovation Unit at UNHCR to the GHL. Passionate about crowd & group ideation she is co-creator of the G3iD association.

Kate O’Reilly

Kate O’Reilly

Operations Assistant

Kate is a recent graduate of the University of Sydney BA in International & Global studies. After completing a 10-month internship with GHL, she is now responsible for the smooth running of GHL’s operations. 

Muhanned Nuaimy-Barker

Muhanned Nuaimy-Barker

Communications Specialist

With over 20 years working in web and IT communications. Muhanned spent six years as a digital comms specialist at MSF before beginning a Masters in Humanitarian Action.

Jean-Marie Durney

Jean-Marie Durney

Fab Lab Manager

15 years experience in IT and technology. In-depth knowledge and understanding of fab labs and the maker movement.


Founding Governments

Supporting Governments

Republic of Estonia



Founding Organizations


Republic of Estonia Handicap International ICRC Terre des hommes UNHCR OCJA World Food Program