Many organisations are struggling to answer these and other forward looking questions – an especially challenging prospect from within the operational juggernauts that some of the larger agencies have become.

Following a decade of professionalization in which the humanitarian sector has sought to develop global standards, codes and representative bodies, there is growing momentum to apply disruptive technologies and processes to raise the quality and consistency of humanitarian service.

Our partners have tasked us with facilitating the co-creation and and aggregation of those ideas and technologies.

We have launched the Humanitarian Foresight & Future Workshops to leverage the reach and impact of existing foresight activities within the humanitarian sector. We aim to do that by identifying common focal areas across organisations and creating a space for dialogue and foster new partnerships among members as well as within professionals of other sectors.

The initial Foresight & Futures co-creation workshop was held in Geneva on 4th April 2017. Here’s what participants had to say.